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Bubble wrap is a flexible transparent plastic material used for packing fragile items. Our range of Irish manufactured bubble wrap is 100% recyclable with low carbon miles. Made of small air-filled bubbles of 10mm diameter, it provides protection for both heavy and lightweight items against damage when in transit or in storage. Bubble wrap is an economical, reusable and effective solution to keep your items safe and secure. We offer clear bubble wrap in 5 sizes. Our pink anti-static wrap eliminates static discharged by electronic components, providing a safe packaging solution for electronic items. Our green biodegradable bubble wrap is made from recycled material, reducing the impact on the environment whilst providing protection for your products.

Please contact our office and we will calculate the delivery charge for this product based on your total order volume, delivery location and the product sizes.

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All Variations

SKUColourDimensions approx mmDimensions approx inchThicknessUnit QuantityDescriptionQuantityPriceAdd to Cart
12BWS1500Clear1500mmx100m60x4,000"10mm bubble1Full bale60.00
Out of Stock
12BWS750Clear750mmx100m30x4,000"10mm bubble2Bale cut into 260.00
Out of Stock
12BWS500Clear500mmx100m20x4,000"10mm bubble3Bale cut into 360.00
Out of Stock
12BWS300Clear300mmx100m12x4,000"10mm bubble5Bale cut into 560.00
Out of Stock
12BWA1500Pink1500mmx100m60x4,000"10mm bubble1Anti-static full bale73.00
Out of Stock
12BWB3500Green500mmx100m20x4,000"10mm bubble3Biodegradable bale cut into 370.00
Out of Stock

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