Food Grade High Tensile Butcher Sacks


Made from HPPE (high-density polythene), our high tensile (HT) sacks have improved strength properties compared to standard bags with the added benefit of having a good amount of stretch in them. These sacks are block-headed so each block can be hung up and bags torn off individually. We offer clear HT sacks, in a variety of sizes and ranging from 15 to 27 micron. Please note that high tensile bags are not quite as clear as standard ones, however they are stronger.

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All Variations

SKUColourDimensions approx mmDimensions approx inchThicknessUnit QuantityDescriptionQuantityPriceAdd to Cart
10HT1218Clear300x450mm12x18"15 Micron2000
10HT1824Clear450x600mm18x24"21 micron1000
10HT2030Clear500x750mm20x30"23 micron500
10HT2435Clear600x900mm24x36"22 micron500
10HT2436Clear600x900mm24x36"27 micron500

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