Newsprint Packing Paper


Paper is a popular and economical product used to protect items when in transit and storage. Newsprint is an ink free and recyclable material, consisting of mainly wood pulp. This high-quality packing paper is ideal to wrap fragile items, such as dishes or glassware, whilst in transit or in storage. It can also be used to fill open spaces in boxes and storage containers to prevent movement and therefore breakages. We offer 4 different sizes of this product, each sold in a bale quantity, which is approximately 9.5kg.

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All Variations

SKUColourDimensions approx mmDimensions approx inchUnit QuantityDescriptionQuantityPriceAdd to Cart
12NP1824White450x600mm18x24"1 bale
12NP2030White500x750mm20x30"1 bale
12NP1720White425x500mm17x20"1 bale
12NP3040White750x1,000mm30x40"1 bale

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