Powder Free Clear Vinyl Examination Gloves


Powder free clear vinyl examination gloves are specifically designed for use in medical examinations, food manufacturing and cleaning applications. Vinyl is a synthetic material which prevents the incidence of latex related allergies. Our vinyl gloves are made using a high quality PVC material which offers better cost-efficiency than latex and nitrile. If you require other sizes please contact our office to order.


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All Variations

SKUColourDimensions approx mmDimensions approx inchUnit QuantityDescriptionQuantityPriceAdd to Cart
7VCMPF1Clearn/an/a100Box of medium gloves
7VCLPF1Clearn/an/a100Box of large gloves
7VCMPFClearn/an/a1000Carton of medium gloves
7VCLPFClearn/an/a1000Carton of large gloves
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