We offer a wide range of tapes to meet commercial and domestic needs.
Vinyl tape: Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film with a natural rubber and resin based solvent adhesive. Silent when dispensing from the roll, it is ideal for long term storage situations due to its thick, strong and durable nature with resistance to extreme temperatures and moisture.
Polypropylene tape: is our most economical offering and the most widely used tape globally. Popular with customers who use high volumes of tape in general packaging environments, it is water resistant after application. Suitable for use with a tape dispenser or by hand.
Masking tape: made from thin paper that is easy to tear. This pressure sensitive tape is coated in adhesive that is easy to remove without leaving damage or a residue on the surface it was attached to. Most typically used for arts and crafts and DIY.
Crossweave tape: clear polypropylene tape is enhanced with glass fibre filaments which are cross woven into the adhesive making it a super strong tape. Ideal for working with pallets and heavier cargo due to its high strength and high tack strapping properties and its strong tear resistance. It is waterproof and works with all types of cardboard, paper and plastic, preventing movement during transit. A cost-effective alternative to polypropylene strapping.
Cloth tape: made from pressure sensitive cloth, this heavy-duty tape has a laminated cloth backing and is highly versatile in its application. It is water resistant with long lasting adhesive strength that is easy to remove without leaving damage or a residue on the surface it was attached to.

We also offer custom printed tapes, a great way for your company logo to stand out on all of your packages! Min order quantities apply, please contact our office to discuss. 

Note: cold temperatures can harden the liquid component of adhesive tapes, making it brittle. To ensure optimum performance, bring your tape to room temperature before use. 

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SKUColourDimensions approx mmDimensions approx inchUnit QuantityDescriptionQuantityPriceAdd to Cart
15PB50Brown48mm x 66m2x2,598"36Brown Polypropylene Tape
15PC50Clear48mm x 66m2x2,598"36Clear Polypropylene Tape
15VB50Brown48mm x 66m2x2,598"36Brown Vinyl (PVC)Tape
15VC50Clear48mm x 66m2x2,598"36Clear Vinyl (PVC) Tape
15VW50White48mm x 66m2x2,598"36White Vinyl (PVC) Tape
15VR12Red12mm x 66m0.5x2,598"24Red Vinyl (PVC) Tape
15VR9Red9mm x 66m0.4x2,640"32Red Vinyl (PVC) Tape
15PP01White & Red48mm x 66m2x2,598"36'Fragile' Printed Polypropylene Tape
15CT48Black48mm x 50m2x1,969"24Black Cloth Tape
15CW50Clear48mm x 50m2x1,969"18Clear Crossweave Tape
15M50GCream48mm x 50m2x1,969"24Masking Tape

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